Why Invest in the Dominican Republic?

Attractive investment opportunities offered by foreign real estate markets have been tempting investors worldwide. Among the top locations attracting domestic investors are Spain, Greece, and Bulgaria. Turning towards this part of the map should not be surprising – sunny coasts, charming coastal towns, and a touristy atmosphere mean that more and more people decide to buy property every year. The world of hotel investments still hides many other gems worth a close look – one of them is undoubtedly the Caribbean paradise, the Dominican Republic.

Why Invest in the Dominican Republic?

Marble sand, sun on demand, and wild nature – this is just the beginning of a list of pleasures offered to tourists coming to the Dominican Republic. And what about committing to the island for a longer period? It turns out to be easier than one might think!



Is the Dominican Republic Cheaper Than in Europe?

An exotic paradise at the other end of the world, corresponding high travel agency prices… The first hint of intuition suggests that the costs of investing in a hotel apartment in the Dominican Republic significantly exceed the related fees borne by investors in the domestic real estate market. Investing in premium apartments in Cofresi Hills Residence is a chance for a positive surprise! Do you realize that the cost per square meter of property in the Dominican Republic is the same or even less than in Europe? Larger apartment size, luxury conditions, and a fabulous environment for… the same price? Yes, it’s possible! For more information on this topic, please contact our representatives directly.

Open Up to New Opportunities

Although most of those who look for investment opportunities focus on the European real estate market, it is worth aiming higher and further – literally! A large number of investors equals increased competition and often the need to make decisions quickly. This scenario does not apply to markets explored to a limited extent so far – which is their undoubted advantage and offers the investor a particularly valuable comfort.

Investing in Cofresi Hills Residence also guarantees:

  • the assistance of English/Spanish/Polish native speakers on-site in Puerto Plata – you don’t have to worry about the language barrier or organizational matters;
  • a free stay in the Dominican Republic, during which you will have a chance to view the apartments and get to know the surroundings.

Collaborate with the Best

The decision to invest in the Dominican Republic involves a series of actions, but cooperation with trustworthy partners ensures that everything will go according to plan. We are a well-known developer that has been active in the market throughout the years, which has successfully completed many investments, both domestic and international. What can you expect when you take on the Dominican challenge with us?

  • Comprehensive apartment service – from the hotel, maintenance, and marketing perspective. You don’t have to worry about periodic repair work or receiving your guests – we will do it for you. Initially, we will ensure guests show up, and then – that after some time they return to enjoy the Dominican paradise in Cofresi Hills Residence.
  • Simplified transaction process – we have gained experience from various investment ventures, and therefore, we are aware that the devil is in the details. We will take care of every organizational aspect of the investment so that you can smoothly reach the final stage of completing formalities and finalize the transaction successfully.


Widok w Dominikanie

Take Advantage of Legal Conveniences

The current President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abidaner, for a long time has been taking actions to encourage investors to turn towards his country. Dominican law has been extended by the act creating a program with facilities for foreign investors, commonly called „Confotour“. Although initially, the benefits were only offered to development companies and hotel groups, the Ministry of Tourism has expanded the catalog of privileged entities, adding individual investors – maybe you! What does participation in the Confotour program give you? It includes the possibility of obtaining tax breaks in terms of transaction tax, property tax, or income tax from rental income. Moreover, if you invest an amount exceeding 200,000 dollars, you get the opportunity to qualify for permanent residency in the Dominican Republic.

Come Back When You Miss It

Investing in Cofresi Hills Residence is not only a guarantee of an extended tourist season, a unique atmosphere, and world-famous Dominican hospitality – it’s also the opportunity to return to the Dominican Republic at a convenient time for you and a guaranteed rate of return on investment. You can find out more about owner stays and ROI nuances by contacting our representatives directly.

The Dominican Republic – the Investment Direction of the Future!

A country that welcomes everyone with open arms – without exception.

A list of benefits and legal reliefs tailored to foreign investors who care about the future fate of their capital.

An interesting investment opportunity that cannot be ignored.

The chance to gain both financial and personal benefits.

In one word…

An exceptional project that you can become a part of today. If you would like to get more information about the investment, contact us now.

Let's get in touch! See how easy it is to purchase an apartment in our hotel.

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