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in der Dominikanischen Republik

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Unser Hotel befindet sich in Puerto Plata an der Cofresi Bay und bietet 14 erstklassige Apartments mit Meerblick, und zwei Swimmingpools. Dank der großzügigen Gestaltung und komfortablen Ausstattung bietet unser Hotel das perfekte Ort für einen entspannten und erholsamen Aufenthalt.
Voll ausgestattete Apartments
Annehmlichkeiten für Senioren und Menschen mit Behinderungen
Partnerrabatte für Gäste (z. B. für Ocean World und den Yachthafen)
Cofresi Hills Residence befindet sich an der Nordküste der Dominikanischen Republik, im ruhigen Teil von Puerto Plata, an der Cofresi Bay.
Nur einen Schritt entfernt befindet sich der Ocean World Adventure Park, der ein aufregendes und unvergessliches Erlebnis bietet und auch direkten Zugang zum Yachthafen und seinen erstklassigen Dienstleistungen ermöglicht.
Cofresi Hills Residence S.R.L.
Ocean World – Cofresi
Calle Principal s / n
Puerto Plata 57000
Playa Cofresi
Playa Grande
Playa Dorada
Playa Dorada Golf Course
Puerto Plata Seilbahn
Central Park mit pastellfarbener viktorianischer Architektur
Die Apartments verfügen über ein hochwertiges Innenraumdesign und bieten Komfort und stilvolles Ambiente. Sie sind komplett möbliert und mit allen Annehmlichkeiten ausgestattet, die Sie benötigen könnten, d.h. Klimaanlage, Flachbildfernseher, Minibar und Safe. Jedes Zimmer verfügt über große Fenster, die atemberaubende Ausblicke auf das Meer bieten und es Ihnen ermöglichen, sich zu entspannen und die atemberaubende Landschaft zu genießen.
February 20th -10, 2024
Thirsty for carnival at its best? Receive a 10% discount and gifts.
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Feb 9-18, 2024
Enjoy 10% discount and a gift for two,
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29/03-01/04, 2024
Rest in the sun and enjoy gifts for the whole family.
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Mar 1 - Dec 31, 2024 
Book in advance and take enjoy discounts!
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Der perfekte Urlaub beinhaltet das Entdecken von Orten, Unterhaltung und Abenteuer.
Sehen Sie unsere Mini-Führer, exklusive Einblicke von Einheimischen, Einladungen und Vorschläge, die Ihnen helfen werden, bunte Erinnerungen zu schaffen. Entdecken Sie besondere Angebote von unseren Partnern und nutzen Sie das Beste aus der Dominikanischen Republik.
A Tourist’s Essential Guide to the Dominican Republic: 6 Mobile Apps That Will Make Your Stay Easier!
Are you going to the Dominican Republic? These mobile apps will make your stay easier! Would you like to order food with delivery? Or maybe you're wondering about late-night transportation, planning your return to the hotel after a day of sightseeing? In terms of such facilities, the Dominican Republic is no different from the US or Europe, and visitors can do many things online – from ordering a cheeseburger to taking care of official matters.
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Spain vs Dominican Republic – Which Country Offers Better Conditions for Foreign Investors? Episode: Economy
If you are thinking of buying a property in a sunny destination, the economic situation of the countries on your candidate list should be one of the factors considered as part of the overall analysis. At the end of the day, it's all about the safety of your invested capital and the possibility of its growth, so the location where you invest your money plays a significant role in the success of the project.

This and subsequent investment posts will take a look at two Spanish-speaking countries, one of which has already made a name for itself as a mecca among foreign property buyers, while the other is slowly heating up in the investment arena – we're talking about Spain and the Dominican Republic.
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And in the evenings we danced merengue…
While merengue might bring to mind carefree evenings, this vibrant music and dance have a rich and complex history. Let's move back to the early 19th century, to small Dominican towns – it was there that the first sounds of merengue resounded, which soon spread throughout the country. Today, merengue is danced not only by Dominicans, but also by people from other Latin American countries, blending elements of their native cultures into the rhythm. If you have been lucky enough to visit the Dominican Republic, you have certainly experienced the spontaneous dancing that takes place at street bars, in stores or on beaches. Merengue is one of the symbols of the Dominican Republic and a vibrant expression of Dominican joy and passion. In the history of the country, merengue not only played an integral part in the events held in Dominican pueblos but also had its moments on the political stage.
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Safe Caribbean Real Estate Purchases: Avoid These Traps!
Have you decided to buy a property in the Caribbean? Fantastic! You are probably aware that investing in this asset class opens up a range of possibilities that are not available with other forms of capital investment. However, this step involves a whole new area, related to choosing the right property, the partners who will accompany you on the purchase path, as well as a number of other nuances, the omission of which may lead to the wrong decision. The situation becomes even more complicated when you decide to buy a property in an exotic country with a different culture, language, legal regulations or social customs.
In this article we present a list of the most common mistakes made when buying a property in sunny Dominican Republic, as well as ways to avoid them, so that you can fulfill your dream of owning your own piece of paradise without unpleasant surprises.
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What Would You Do For Easter in the Dominican Republic?
Easter in the Dominican Republic plays a significant role and is celebrated more solemnly than Christmas. Semana Santa, known as Holy Week, which begins with Palm Sunday, is one of the highlights of the Dominican calendar, for which the people prepare in advance. What foods do Dominicans prepare to celebrate Easter? How do they spend their free time during festivities? You'll read about it in today's post, where we've prepared a handful of interesting facts about Easter in Caribbean style!
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Meet the Real Pirate of the Caribbean. Who Was Roberto Cofresí?
To this day, Roberto Cofresí continues to inspire contemporary artists, appearing in their books or movies. He is one of the most famous Caribbean pirates who reigned over exotic seas and oceans in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Our hotel owes its name to Cofresí Bay, which in turn – as you may have guessed – was named after the very pirate Cofresí. In today's post, we invite you to learn more about the turbulent history of one of the Caribbean's most famous pirates!
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Sometimes Sun, Sometimes Rain – the Magic of Rainy Days in the Dominican Republic
The combination of the words "rainy season" and "Dominican Republic" is not a preferred set for those preparing for Caribbean journeys. While the Dominican Republic is considered to be the land of eternal sun, we need to remember that rains are part of its charm. It is the rain that makes the Dominican landscape so lush and green. Thanks to the rainy seasons, the boiling Dominican Republic teems with life, showcasing vibrant plants and flowers, which make the island so picturesque.
If you visit the Caribbean gem during a period when rainfall might be expected, and you are pondering how to adjust your activities to the weather conditions, you have come to the right place!
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Carnival in the Dominican Republic
How about making your dreams come true and celebrating Carnival in the Dominican Republic? Colorful parades, concerts, and Caribbean-style fun are already waiting for you!
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How to Live in the Dominican Republic?
If you think that buying real estate in an exotic country comes with numerous obstacles, it's time for a positive surprise! It turns out that with the right preparation, you can soon receive the keys to your dream home in the Caribbean. What steps do you need to take to ensure everything goes according to plan? What are the general rules for buying property in the Dominican Republic? The answers to these questions (and more) await you in this article!
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Humpback whales – exceptional guests in the Dominican Republic!
Humpbacks are an extraordinary attraction in the Dominican Republic, drawing crowds of tourists from different parts of the world every year. If you're wondering how to spend the beginning of the upcoming year interestingly, a close encounter with these remarkable creatures will undoubtedly meet your expectations!
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Investments during inflation – how to act to benefit your finances?
Undertaking investments during inflation may seem challenging. Current economic conditions are characterized by significant dynamism, and the future value of our savings is uncertain. We ponder, 'What to invest in during inflation?' recognizing that saving alone is an unreliable recipe for achieving financial stability. Is there a proven way to multiply capital?
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