Sometimes Sun, Sometimes Rain – the Magic of Rainy Days in the Dominican Republic

The combination of the words “rainy season” and “Dominican Republic” is not a preferred set for those preparing for Caribbean journeys. While the Dominican Republic is considered to be the land of eternal sun, we need to remember that rains are part of its charm. It is the rain that makes the Dominican landscape so lush and green. Thanks to the rainy seasons, the boiling Dominican Republic teems with life, showcasing vibrant plants and flowers, which make the island so picturesque.

The country is dominated by a hot tropical climate, characterized by two rainy seasons throughout the year: the first one lasts from May to August, and the second from November to December. During these periods, daily rainfall can be expected, yet it is brief and, candidly speaking, cherished by tourists as it cleanses and refreshes the air.

If you visit the Caribbean gem during a period when rainfall might be expected, and you are pondering how to adjust your activities to the weather conditions, you have come to the right place!

  • Sunbathing

Our list of suggested activities starts a little paradoxically, with… sunbathing. You can think: how is that possible? Sunbathing in the rain? You should know that Dominican rainfalls differ from those we observe, in a different climatic zone. They don’t last long, giving way to the sun just after a few minutes.

During this time, beaches with infrastructure are worth considering, especially those with access to cafes, restaurants and shops, that can provide shelter during a quick “no-sun” break. In the immediate vicinity of Cofresi Hills Residence, there are several beaches that meet these requirements, such as Punta Rucia, Playa Dorada or Playa Sosua. Our team will organize round-trip for you to the selected beaches – all the details are available at our reception, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • Dominican Touring

If having clear skies is a prerequisite for your beach day, there are still more ways to make the most of your holidays! Unlike other Dominican resorts, Puerto Plata offers not only pristine beaches and diverse landscapes, but also a wealth of historical landmarks waiting to be captured by your camera. A rainy day is the perfect time to explore the mesmerizing colonial architecture of the city’s historical district. Below, we suggest must-visit spots that will help you pass the time until the sun comes back out!

  • The renowed San Felipe Fortress, which once safeguarded the city from pirates, stands as one of the oldest fortifications in this part of the world. Constructed in the 16th century to confront the threat of pirates, it now provides tourists with an impressive panoramic view of the city. History enthusiasts, it’s time to embark on your journey! Inside the museum, you will discover numerous artifacts connected to the history and culture of the Dominican Republic, enriching your arsenal of experiences.
  • The cable car ride to the summit of Isabel de Torres should be a must-visit point on your itinerary! At a height of 800 meters above sea level, botanical gardens and breathtaking views await you, providing the perfect background for photos.
  • Dominican Amber Museum – a delight not only for those, who return from every vacation adorned with another pair of earrings. The museum provides access to a rich collection of amber, not only in the form of jewelry but also as natural specimens of this gemstone. Additionally, your visit to the museum will grant you the title of an amber expert, equipped with knowledge about the process of its creation and the legends attached to it throughout the centuries. For those anticipating amber shopping, a one-of-a-kind museum shop awaits, where everyone will find exceptional gifts.

 It is also worth bringing back a few other items from your Dominican journey, and searching for them is a perfect plan for a rainy day!

  • Rainy Day? Let’s Shop “Till We Drop”

This idea will surely appeal primarily to ladies, but everyone will find the perfect gift to commemorate their stay in the Dominican Republic. Cigars, natural cocoa products, rum, spices… It’s also worth taking advantage of the offerings from local artists and craftsmen whose stalls are scattered throughout Puerto Plata. A visit to shops filled with a unique blue hue, heralding the one and only larimar stone, is also a must! Here you can read more about this wonder of nature: Larimar – the Caribbean Treasure – Cofresi ( If you need a helping hand with organizing your perfect shopping trip – we will do it together with you! Our team will gladly provide you with tips on where to find specific products, and upon your request, arrange transportation for you.

  • Unforgettable Experiences in Water Park

During sunny days, we usually want to make the most of them, spending our time on beaches until sunset. Unfortunately, we are deprived of the chance to visit many other interesting places. If you are tired of rain, only a few steps away, you can visit the renowned Ocean World Adventure Park! Our hotel is situated in the immediate vicinity of the park, so you don’t have to worry about the transportation – it takes a moment to spend a day in a fun and active way! Ocean World not only provides its guests with water attractions, but is also a place where you can stand face to face with dolphins, sea lions, and even… sharks! In the meantime, other possibilities await you: a visit to the rainforest, snorkeling in the tropical reef aquarium, as well as meeting with various tropical birds. The visit to the park is a marvelous idea to spend your spare time, both with a group of friends or family, as well as on your own.

The dolphine in Ocean World Adventure Park

The rain is not as black as it is painted… As you can see, there are many interesting ideas that will make your stay in the Dominican Republic memorable for a long time. Puerto Plata lo tiene todo – see for yourself and book your stay today!

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