Santiago Shopping Spree 


Shop ‚til you drop in Santiago’s vibrant markets and boutiques. Discover local treasures, from handmade crafts to stylish souvenirs.

When visiting the Dominican Republic, you can’t miss the stalls offering local products. A fantastic place for those seeking interesting souvenirs is Mercado Modelo in Santiago. In addition to traditional mementos like cocoa products, rum, and cigars, it also offers less obvious items. The market is located right in the city center, making it easily accessible. You can purchase Dominican craftsmanship, jewelry, and even… health elixirs and love potions! Be sure to look for mamajuana, a traditional alcoholic beverage made with rum, often attributed with medicinal properties. Mercado Modelo is indeed a „model“ example of a Dominican market, and including it in your list of attractions will surely result in assembling the perfect set of Caribbean souvenirs!

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