Unveiling the Ocean’s History Hidden within the Walls of Our Hotel

The Coralinas – seemingly ordinary, slightly rough, and imperfectly aligned tiles that conceal a history and extraordinary beauty waiting to be discovered. From the moment you arrive at our hotel, this is the one element that captures your attention – the warm cream, pink, and beige tiles that cover the walls and stairs.

These renowned Coralina tiles are formed from the remains of coral reefs that existed millions of years ago. Over time, the coral structures became fossilized, resulting in a stone that preserves the intricate patterns and textures of the original coral formations. The geological transformation of these reefs into stone has created a truly exceptional material for tile production. Fossilized shells, delicate sea creatures, and captivating marine remains create a connection with the oceans’ past, invoking a sense of wonder and reverence for the natural world.

Coralina stone is primarily sourced from quarries located in areas known for their rich geological history and the presence of fossilized coral reefs, with the Dominican Republic standing at the forefront of this list. This stone is popular in this region, but for guests from other parts of the world, it is a nice surprise and serves as another reason to admire the uniqueness of Caribbean nature.

One of the most striking features of coralina tiles is their natural beauty and variation. The tiles exhibit a range of colors, including soft creams, delicate pinks, and vibrant oranges. These natural hues are further enhanced by the presence of fossilized shells, sea creatures, and other marine remains that are embedded within the stone. Each tile becomes a unique work of art, showcasing the organic patterns and shapes captured from the ancient coral reefs. The ability to witness and touch these ancient relics makes coralina tiles truly extraordinary.

In addition to their aesthetic and geological uniqueness, coralina tiles are considered an environmentally sustainable choice.

By utilizing the fossilized remains of coral reefs, these tiles reduce the demand for traditional quarrying and mining activities, which can have significant ecological impacts. The extraction and production processes for coralina tiles are carefully regulated to ensure the preservation of modern coral reefs and protect marine ecosystems, making them a responsible and eco-friendly option.

As you step into our hotel, allow yourself to explore the exterior and discover the remnants of ancient marine life preserved within the tiles. Each tile becomes a canvas that shares the secrets of the sea, inviting guests to embark on a visual journey through time.

Every detail at Cofresi Hills Residence is carefully curated to provide guests with an exceptional experience.

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